Show "missed" calls in ring group even if they were picked up

In older versions of Freepbx if a ring group has 5 members and a call comes in with phone #1 answering then phone #2-#5 would show a missed call.

We upgraded a client to FreePBX 13 and now the ring groups are not doing that anymore. It doesn’t happen on Both Yealink and Grandstream phones. We have enabled missed calls and full call history on the Yealinks but with no luck.

Has anyone gotten this to work on FreePBX 13?

I thought someone else asked for that to work that way. I remember about a year ago that someone cried for a couple of days about how it looked bad and oh, we’re all going to die. Most of us didn’t care one way or the other, but they were desperate that it not do that anymore.

Honestly, though, if the call is answered, it isn’t missed, so the new semantic seems right to me. I still don’t care, but this way doesn’t violate the Rule of Least Astonishment for me.

I agree it makes sense but apparently this client uses missed calls to figure out who called them and who to call back. They seem to have based their work flow around having a bunch of missed calls.

I couldn’t get it to work like it used so so I came here to see if there is a way to do it or if they will have to get used to the new way.

Say I’m on the phone and I need to call someone back after I finish the first call, I have to go to another phone to get the number.

Even if it isn’t a “missed” call log they just want a log of all ring group/queue calls. Though that I would probably have to ask Yealink about.

You could ask for this in a Feature Request. You could also write a report yourself from the CEL or CDR database…

You have the information, the only thing you’re missing is the part that leaves it on the phone. Also, I seem to recall an option on PJ-SIP that marked calls answered elsewhere are “cleared” and it did something magical with that. Perhaps a retrograde to Chan-SIP might bring back the magic you’re looking for?

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I’m actually on Chan-SIP so no retrograde needed. They could technically go into UCP and see it but this client wants it on their phone so they can quickly look at it. They yell across the room to another person to call X customer back and then look through their phones call history.

I suppose I could put in a feature request.

This is from Yealink:

For this issue, please check with FreePBX, don’t not send ‘Reason: SIP;cause=200;text=“Call completed elsewhere”’ in the CANCEL packet which sent to phone side.

Wow - really? That’s just … wow.

This is like the 3rd or 4th person to request that feature back because they operate in a similar way (many more to go). Might seem silly to us but apparently they are happy with it.

It’s been resolved in version 14

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