Show Caller ID of incoming call on forwarded call to PSTN


I have configured an extension used by most incoming trunks with follow me enabled with ringallv2-prim to ring the registered SIP phone and also call my mobile phone;

on the extension follow me list I have:

1001 (the extension)
+1 234 567 890# (my mobile number)

I then have an outbound route to “catch all” to my mobile configured with the dial pattern:

( ) | [+1 234 567 890 / . ]

using another trunk to call.

The set-up works fine except for the fact that I only see the Caller ID configured with the trunk that is being used on the “catch-all” route. How can I configure it so I can see the number of the person calling me?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Spaces are regex tokens. It is unlikely that your caller ID(number) includes them. Hence you need to revisit your ‘matches’

Thanks for your help.
Not sure if I complete understand your reply - I am not well versed in freepbx (hoping to learn more).
There are no spaces in the dial pattern - I was aiming at showing that the two first fields are empty, followed by my phone number followed by a . (dot) to catch all to my mobile.
Could you kindly ELI5 on the matter?
Kind regards,

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