Show caller id before phone ring

In new installation client want the caller id to show in his phone before it rings to him,
Inbound calls go to ring group whith 3 extension after 4 rings call go to the second ring group with all extension of the office, he is part of the second ring group.
He wants to be able to see the caller id in his phone before the caller gets to second ring group so if he wants to direct pick up to be able to do.
Phones he is using are yealink T58a and T46S

Is there anyway to do this thank you

If he wants both name and number displayed, set up a second line button and extension for him. Put it in the first ring group and set Ring Type to silent.wav.

Otherwise, BLF pickup should work, showing caller name and called extension.

Thank you for fast respond so his main extension would ring when the call goes to second ring group right


If the silent extension is not part of the second ring group, you should be fine. I don’t know how the phone behaves when a silent and an audible line are both ringing. If it matters, you’ll have to test that.

Thank you i will try it and let you know thanks

Not sure if your Yealinks support it, but Sangoma phones have an audio/video option for BLF buttons. When enabled you can see the CID of the BLF that is ringing.

It has visual/Audio alerting, but just turning it on does not show the CID. It also does not work for a Ring Group. it has to be an extension.

There may be some advanced settings, but I have never looked before.

This is because you are missing a key setting for your devices/endpoints in their proper config(s) in Asterisk. The “Directed Call Pickup” prefix is just that in the phone, the prefix. When you go to use it, it must know the extension/destination you’re trying to pick up. In order for the phone to know the details the NOTIFY has to contain the information in it’s message body. That is not done by default and you need to enable the devices/endpoints to do so.

For Chan_SIP you can go into the global SIP settings at where it gives you the option to add custom settings at the bottom of the page you add notifycid=yes. Now PJSIP is going to be a bit more tricky as PJSIP doesn’t have “global endpoint settings” like Chan_SIP each endpoint must have its own settings to it. So for PJSIP you would have to use the pjsip.endpoints_custom_post.conf and for each endpoint you would need: (using 100 as an example)


And yes, every endpoint needs it. So you’ll have to do this for each of them. I know it is a pain in the ass but for some reason this important settings to make BLF+Call Pickup work on phones just aren’t part of the regular setup or config options for either driver.

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If I push the DPickup button, it gets the call. So the function works out of the bix

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