Should I get 1 server with 1 OS or 1 virtualised server?

Hi everyone,

I have been wondering.

I plan to install FreePBX distro. At the same time, plan to install bigbluebutton and openfire that will integrates with FreePBX/Asterisk.

Should I get 1 server with FreePBX distro installed? Then install the openfire and bigbluebutton in the same distro OS? It means that this server is not a virtualised server and can only install 1 OS.

Or should I get 1 server with many virtual machines? So 1 virtual machine to be installed with FreePBX distro, 1 virtual machine for openfire and the other one with bigbluebutton.

What do you think? My usage for IP PBX is to cater for 15 - 30 employees.

Dear Ericmachine,
I’m trying to find a solusion just like you did (Using both BigBlueButton and Asterisk with FreePBX on the same server). Did you have anything successful with this? Please help me if had anything done.

Thank you so much!

Hi guys,
I’m doing an internship ans looking also for a solution to integrate bigbluebutton and freepbx with asterisk.
If anyone has a clue that would be wonderful.