Should DID info get passed from trunk to extension?

Okay, so I’m trying to set up a daisy chain, using my FreePBX registered to the carrier, firing into a SIP PBX (Panasonic). What I see on the traces, both from the Panasonic and when tailing the log on the FreePBX confirms it. The CID info passes, but not the DID info. The net effect is the Panasonic cannot route the call because it gets no DNIS. Did I configure something wrong? Is there a fix?

I don’t know how you have it set up but I have done something similar.

Carrier trunk setup as from-digital or from-pstn
Trunk to other pbx setup as from-internal

Inbound route for calls intended for the other system set as destination -> trunk -> other system.

How are you doing it?

If you have it setup as an extension and not a trunk then it will not receive the DID.

I have it set up as the trunk from the carrier as you say, Toward the Panasonic, I have it set as an extension. I’m afraid I don’t know how to set up the context in FreePBX for trunks going to the Panasonic, I just tried setting the extension number into the DID table on my Panasonic PBX, and it worked routed fine, but I think I see where I’ll be limited to only a few DIDs. Any thoughts?

I believe you’ll be limited to one DID unless you register the Panasonic to the FreePBX with a different extension in FreePBX for every DID. Which is the wrong way to go this.

The correct way is to create a SIP trunk, not an Extension.

Yeah. I need to know how to configure the trunk output to go to my Panasonic.

From what I hear, SIP peering is a possible solution. Now to study that.