Shorten dialing number

Hi guys
I’m new to FreePBX and currently I’m using extension number for internal call and I’d like to know if there are any ways to shorten the extension number so that I could just put in less number and still be able to call the exact user with that extension number ?

You can make the extension numbers as short as you like, even one digit, but be careful that you don’t conflict with feature codes, etc. However, the device that you are dialing this on won’t know to send the short code to the PBX, until the user presses another key, usually labeled Send, Dial, Call or similar, or until a timeout indicates that no more digits are coming. You can set the dial plan on the device to send the call as soon as an extension number is complete, but that would prevent dialing an external number that starts with the same digits.

For each extension, under Advanced, there is a field SIP Alias. You can put a short number in there; dialing that code will ring the extension, same as if the regular extension number was called.

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Thank you, I’ll try this out

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