Short Code Conflicts

I am using FreePBX in an Incredible PBX build. It has come to my attention that the build has various built-in shortcodes for services, and these obviously relate to services in the USA. I am in the UK and there is a conflict with at least one code, namely 123. This is for the time of day in the UK but something else in the USA, and there may be others which I have not yet found. I presume there is somewhere in the user interface to override the default settings, but I just can’t find it. Tried putting the code explicity in the dial pattern for the outgoing route, but to no avail.

Can any help please?

This is a FreePBX forum. Check out the IncrediblePBX forum for assistance:

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That’s fine if it is specifically an Incredible PBX issue. Didn’t realise that they had a separate forum but I will have a look. Thanks.

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