SHINY upgrade to 13.0.1RC1.15 temps crazy admin

I was manually updating today and I got my server version to 6.12.65-30 then I noticed the web interface was beckoning to me with a shiny upgrade button. I thought hey, why not use that. So I hit it.

Now I am apparently on 13.0.1RC1.15 (server name) and updated? But I didn’t step through the upgrades as usual so I am just wondering, have I messed up here or did the web interface actually manage to give me a nice clean build? I just see that a

cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version

delivers a disturbing omen of


Did I just shoot myself in the foot here?

Thank you.

Nope, you’re fine. We’re almost at the point of releasing 13 fully, so you’re just a couple of days early :sunglasses:

The Version of FreePBX Distro (eg, CentOS/RHEL) doesn’t really matter :sunglasses:

Ah thank goodness w00t!

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I was about to pave a new system for a friend should I wait a few more days? Sounds like the release is imminent?

13 is fine. We’re doing some last minute GUI changes, but it’s perfectly stable for making calls.

Thanks. I held off for now. Tried to build him a system based on 13RC but had lots of quirky issues with PJSIP (at least I think it was PJSIP…) Going to start over from scratch and try again in a few days.