SheevaPlug FreePBX 'Appliance'

Hello Everyone.

Myself and small knit group of Fellow Nerds have been avid users of FreePBX and Asterisk for years in our own homes. Running it on Laptops, Network Attached Storage systems and Desktop PC’s, we’ve always craved a low power small footprint system to run FreePBX and Asterisk on, with no moving parts.

Existing Embedded Solutions are small, confined and not easily hacked or extended.

I present to you the results of our search and fruits of our labor.

We’ve taken Debian Squeeze Linux, FreePBX 2.5.2, Asterisk 1.6.1 Stable, compiled in the Zaptel/Dahdi kernel stuff, thrown in MySQL, Webmin, Munin, Aapache, OpenSSH, Samba and Avahi (Zeroconf) to make it an out of box plug and play solution.

All you have to is get a SheevaPlug, configure for SD card booting, download our image, flash to your 4+ Gig SD card, and power up. It’ll grab a DHCP lease and adverise itself as “PlugPBX” on your network.

Excited? We are. FreePBX on a 3-6 watt device (depending on load) with no moving parts, easily extended or upgraded with Debians legendary power with oodles of spare CPU and memory, all on a $99 USD box.

We’re looking for sites to help us mirror the SD card images, and people interested in making it work perfectly! Its time FreePBX became as common in households as Routers :wink:

For more Information visit our website or Google “SheevaPlug” and see the future of home server computing.

Wow - Congrats - This is very cool!