Sharing Contacts

I have created three groups in Contact Manager (Internal, External, and User Manager) Internal and External both have test users in them. User Manager shows all of my internal users with UCP accounts.

I’m using AD authentication for UCP and in my everyone group setup “show in contact manager”

I can’t figure out how to share either of these three groups with my users though. When i click on Contacts in UCP the “My Contact” list is empty and the only option is to AddGroup

I’d like to be able to share our internal directory as well as frequent external contacts as well

This seems like a common feature - has there been any update?

The problems are:

  1. Every phone does contacts a little bit differently, and not every phone is supported in the EPM, which is how FreePBX manages phones. For example, I use Chan-SCCP-B, so the way that lists are handled is way different for me than it is for everything else. Throw in LDAP, vs the other different ways that lists are managed, and the issues just get more and more varied.

  2. Nothing happens without a Issues Ticket, and I don’t see one in the web interface.