Shared Voicemail Play only Custom Annoucement


I have create a Shared Voicemialbox via a virtual Extension and I can access it also without issues with *98 and the Extension.
I have also uploaded a custom Annoucement but if my custom Annoucement is over, there is another Sound which is played, that a message can be left after the signal tone and then they should hangup.
Is there a way, that only the custom Voicemail is played and nothing else?
I have uplaoded the custom Annoucement via the UCP.

Thank you.

In Settings → Voicemail Admin → Dialplan Behavior, set Disable Standard Prompt to Yes.

If you already have that setting or it doesn’t help, report any voicemail-related settings for the extension.

@Stewart1 Thank you. This has worked. Do you maybe also know, if I have an Telephone Book Entry, that the Number can be matched to the Name of the Telephone Book Entry, which can maybe be shown on the Telephone or spoken when I play a Voicemail?

As Telephone I use a Yealink W73H

Thank you.

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