Shared voicemail inbox and phone apps visual voicemail


I have a setup with a couple of extensions all sharing a single voicemail.
I have ext. 202 with voicemail enabled. The other extensions (eg. 208) have as mailbox [email protected]

This seems to work. I have a Sangoma S500, it shows my voicemail number and the light turns on.
However i want to use the visual voicemail of the rest app.

It however shows me that voicemail for extension 208 is not configured. When i enable 208’s voicemail, it shows the message i have no voicemails which is normal.
But how can i configure it to show ext. 202’s voicemail messages? All extensions have access to the phone apps.

I have searched a lot but am unable to find a solution. Thx.
I am running freepbx 13 updated to the latest version.

This is not possible. Phone Apps get permissions from User Manager and at this time it can only handle peissions for its primary device.

Open feature request you can watch here:

Ok Thanks for clearing that up. Will have to use the dial in for the time being.

I need to do the same thing as Beire originally posted. Is it possible yet?

Thank you so much!

Depends on your phone…the Digium/Sangoma D-80, when configured using the Digium phone config module and the advanced DPMA method with xml-config-files can access mailboxes of other extensions with its built-in visual-voicemail app.

Yes, this is a feature now in the XML voicemail Phone App:

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Thank you so much! This is good news.

So what I’m wanting to do is have a group of phones that share a virtual voicemail box and don’t have individual voicemail.

So I went to user 222 and as you showed above, I added the virtual voicemail box, 209, under Additional Voicemail Boxes. I also switched off extension 222’s individual voicemail box. After an EPM update and restart, I get “Voicemail is not enabled for extension 222”. Is there anything else that needs to be set to make this work? Is there a document you can point me to that explains the steps required for pointing a group of phones to use a virtual extension as their only voicemail (using the REST app)?

Thanks again so much for your time! I really appreciate your help!

For anyone who comes across this, voicemail must be turned on in the extension for this to work. Phones will see their own extension voicemail as well as the group voicemail box in visual voicemail. However nothing will ever go to the phones individual extension voicemail box if you set it up right.

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