Shared voicemail for multiple extensions, access using *97


I have 3 extensions 101, 102 and 103 in a ring group (SIP phones). I would like these 3 extensions to share a single voicemail box with the following behavior:

  • A new voice mail will cause the VM indicator light to activate on all 3 extensions. When the voice mail is checked/deleted from any of the extensions, the VM indicator should deactivate on all of them.

  • Each extension can use *97 (without requiring a password) to access the shared voicemail box.

I’ve read about using a virtual extension for the shared voicemail box and programming BLF on one of the phone’s keys, but this isn’t really what I’m looking for. I want to use the phone’s native voicemail indicator light and dial *97 without requiring a password. Not sure how to set this up.


The sip.conf parameter you want is probably “[email protected]” so add that as the same thing for each phone, then they should all share the same box and native MWI light will be for just that box.

Then you might try a custom context to match *97 based on caller ID number, something like:

exten => *97/101,1,VoiceMailMain([email protected],sa)
exten => *97/102,1,VoiceMailMain([email protected],sa)
exten => *97/103,1,VoiceMailMain([email protected],sa)

Thanks. I thought of the 1st part (adding “[email protected]”) but not the 2nd. Thanks!


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