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Hi everyone.
I have a Freepbx system with around 60 users/ext. I am looking for a shared phonebook system to use with grandstream phones and gigaset dect cordless phones (maybe using ldap). This phonebook should also be accessible by webpage, microsoft outlook and also mobile device sync. Is there any solution you guys know? Both free or paid solutions are ok. There will be the need also to import data from the ERP system that uses Sql Server. Any ideas?
Thank you very much for your kind support.

The thing about phone book support is that it isn’t a unitary thing. Every phone has a different access method for the data that you want to use, and none of them are very portable. Now, if you can settle on a single “source” for your phone books, you can extend that single source (usually using some custom software) to make the phone book reach out to the devices. IIRC, @sorvani has done a lot of work on providing the “back end” part of the phone book problem for many different phones (see his GitHub posts here in the forum).

The front end, however, still depends on where your definitive source is. Most of his code (again, based on my aging memory cells) is connected to the Asterisk phone book, but that’s not a great fit for your other applications (mobile device, and Outlook in particular, etc.) It’s a market niche that no one has really done a great job unifying, so we end up with a lot of dogs-and-cats solutions.

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What about LDAP?

The most up to date stuff uses the FreePBX Contact Manager actually.

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I’d be cool with LDAP as a “source” if everything actually pulled data from it instead of “extract and reformat” which seems to be the model that most LDAP interfaces use. I’d love to have a “ground truth” for all of this stuff and let everything access it, but there are so many system components that need to chat it up that it’s just as “not clean” an interface as the Contact Manager stuff we’re using now.

The problem is having to update everything, and knowing what updates need to go which direction. Once you have that figured out, you need to start worrying about the CRM interfaces, and the pop-up managers, and then we get into the CNAM sourcing thing. It’s a mess that I’d love to see someone come up with a reasonable management method to clean up.

There are several scripts available, which transform the info of the freePBX contact manager into a file, the phone can understand.

I use a script, which I adapted for Digium/Sangoma D-phones. I prefer to use the Asterisk DPMA with the Digium phone config module…yet, it only has a limited phonebook with no freePBX integration (voicemail, cdr)…
Now I can use the freePBX contact manager and my Digium phones use it too :wink:

Similar solutions should be available for Grandstream…

Thank you for your answer. I figured it was something like that, since I was not able to find anything really interesting around … I think I will try openldap with a webmanager to add/update/remove contacts and I should be able to use it as database for GrandStream phones, gigaset cordless and probably Outlook. Thank to everyone for your help!

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