Shared Contacts?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to setup a shared directory/contact list between departments, but I can’t find an option which allows me to do so.
Any Group created in Contact Manager does now allow users to add contacts. Any Group created in UCP by an end user cannot be shared with other users.
Giving Department Mangers access to the Contact Manager Module would be a bad Idea.

Am I missing something?
Is there anyway to setup a group in Contact Manager and allow end users to add contacts?


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No. The Admin GUI is just that, it’s the Admin side of FreePBX. Controlling the “public” contacts/groups is an Admin power as it would be in most other systems. The groups/contacts adding via the UCP (the user side) are the “Private” groups/contacts for that user. Not meant to be shared.

There is a reason that the User Manager allows you to control and limit what access certain Admins can have. Because that is all they need to access/manage. It’s just like the UCP, you can limit and control what a user can do in the UCP. In your Manager’s instances you might give them control over the extensions/voicemails of the users they manage. The concept is the same for the Admin GUI.

You’re going to have to give those users Admin GUI access and limit them to the Admin powers that they need to have. That’s why that functionality exists in FreePBX.

As said above, giving Department Manager’s access to the Contact Manager module so they can update their contacts is a bad idea, since each manager will now have access to mess with ALL groups.

Look at it like sharing Outlook/Office 365 Contacts between departments.

To summarize: Allow [specific] users to add contacts to specific groups, without giving them access to the entire Contact Manager module. Possible? no. I guess it goes to a feature request stage.

Won’t be a bad request at all.

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