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Is there any way to share a call on hold? Lets say I put a call on hold on one phone then go to another phone in another office. I am unable to pick that call up.I have looked into sla and not all of my phones support it. Would I be able to do that with device and user mode?

No, shared line appearance is not supported.

So there is no way to share a line on hold other than call parking?

That is correct.

There is some rudimentary code in Asterisk that can share lines, you can Google Asterisk SLA for all the opinions.

FreePBX does not support it via the GUI either.

Ok thanks

Has anything changed with this now that Asterisk 13 is out (and FreePBX is using it) ?

SLA is not a feature of asterisk.

Actually I don’t know about 13 but SLAS and SLAT are still in 12.

SLA is in Asterisk but it is a sucky, monolithic implementation that can’t scale and hacks a bunch of apps.

What is needed and Digium can’t get it through their heads is Broadsoft “style” shared line appearance. Every other IP PBX open source and closed source supports the protocol. Every IP phone I can think of supports it (Aastra, Polycom, Yealink, Cisco Small Business, SNOM)

While Broadsoft has some intellectual property pertaining to the Broadsoft switch the SIP Call event packages submitted by Broadsoft are included in SIP RFC 4235.

Asterisk DOCS on crappy SLA:

Here is the Digium discussion regarding the original Broadsoft hack (that showed promise), developed by Eugene Grossi:

These are the Broadsoft specs:

Finally RFC4235 on IETF tracker:

What’s wrong with parking

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It is not practical in some situations.
I have 4 lines that are completely different companies, but are on the same phones.
It is too confusing to end users who are used to just pressing hold, and picking up on a different phone for the same line.
It makes it a little easier to do now that you can transfer directly to a parking slot, but its just a band aid.

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You can attempt to use SLA.conf. I would be curious it if would actually fufill what people want though?