Shadow/darkening on the Digium D50 Desk phone

One of my Digium D50 desk phones has developed a dark patch on the display - if it worsens, is there anything I can do? I don’t mind opening it up and soldering a new display on if they can be had on eBay for example.

If there is a hardware failure, fix or replace seem to be the two options. Do you have support on the phones? It might not hurt to contact the company, just in case anything could be done.

D50’s haven’t been manufactured in a time long past their warranty date. I know that some groups out there, like VoIP Supply, had offered extended warranties for telephones. Direct to Sangoma (was Digium), that’s not something we offered on D50s, so it wouldn’t be eligible for warranty repair or replacement.

The LCD isn’t soldered to anything, so replacing it would be a matter of finding a donor and doing the swap. The LCD was a bespoke LCD, so I can’t point you to any supplier from whom they could be purchased on the open market.

Thanks, Malcolm, that’s really good info. Also don’t worry, I’m not going to try to make some spurious warranty claim. The D50s are new old stock and have been in use only since mid Summer, the others are fine it’s just this one unit with the weird patch issue.

Quick one: Are the LCDs standard across D40, D70, D50? That way I could setup an eBay search for a faulty DX0 and harvest the LCD and not worry about the specific model?

The D40, D45 and D50 used the same main-screen LCD,iirc. The D70 main screen LCD is a different LCD, definitely.

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