Several Inbound Routes to the same queue and different announcements

Hi all, I have a system with several inbound routes, one per DID, and all this routes go to the same Time Condition -> Queue.
I would like to use different announcements for each DID when there are not any avaiable agent in the queue.
Are there a way to do this?

DID1 -> InboundRoute1 -> TimeCondition -> Queue10 -> PeriodicAnnouncement1
DID2 -> InboundRoute2 -> TimeCondition -> Queue10 -> PeriodicAnnouncement2
DIDX -> InboundRouteX -> TimeCondition -> Queue10 -> PeriodicAnnouncementX

Thank you in advance.

The queue periodic announcement is not variable. Maybe virtual queues?

That was my thought, but virtual queues don’t let you change the periodic announcement. One thing you can do with Virtual Queues is to specify different hold music for different callers in the same queue, so if the periodic announcement was part of the hold music, you could do it that way.

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Agreed, forgot to mention that part using MOH.

Not an answer, but you coud have different queues with the same set of agents, esp. if they are set up as static.

Thank you all. I will explore the virtual queue option.

@lynx87 Yes, that’s was my first aproach but I would like something that I can scale with the minumun configuration possible. Today I have 10 DIDs but tomorrow maybe 100…
Is easy to add a lot of Inbound routes via bulk handler but there aren’t an option to add queue.

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