Several extensions across several sites suddenly UNREACHABLE / DHCP related?


I came in to the office this morning to find several extensions across several different site showing as UNREACHABLE.

Out of 120 extension over 10 sites around 15 of them were like this

When I found them on the network the were in a REGISTER FAILED state, a reboot of the device didn’t help, a reboot of the router (which normally resolves the problem) didn’t help, all of these troubled extension I had to do a factory reset and reconfigure them.

ALL of them picked up a new DHCP address and the reset which makes me think that they had come to the end of their lease but had not picked up a new P address.
After manual resetting them and reconfiguring them they are now working fine again.

Has anyone experience anything like this before? I have no idea where to even starting troubleshooting to find what really may have happened.


None of this required the phones to be factory defaulted or reconfigured. This is 100% a NAT and/or network issue.

UNREACHABLE means that the endpoint failed to answer Qualify requests in the proper amount of time. In other words, Asterisk doesn’t think the endpoint is replying to the KEEP-ALIVE requests. When this happens it marks the endpoint as UNREACHABLE. It tries for 7 more attempts to try and “reach” the endpoint (ie get a reply back in the proper time frame).

You are going to run into this issue again if you haven’t resolved the NAT/network issue causing this.

Thanks for the reply, it gives me something to look into.

This system has been running with very few issues for the past three years but there could be something in this.

I’ll choose an extension that I have bothered resetting and configuring yet and run a wireshark trac on it and see how the conversation between the extension and FreePBX goes.