Setup Wombatdialer to queue outgoing call and route to trunk


We got 10 lines out mainly for mobile and we had around 300 customers. We are using Asterisk 1.8 and each customer will have their own asterisk extension. The line out is actually a mobile dongle with sim card. We create custom trunk for each mobile dongle with the syntax Custom Dial String: Dongle/dongle0/$OUTNUM$

They normally experience the busy tone when calling out as we only have 10 lines out using Mobile Dongle and we do not implement Queue yet

I just wonder if we can queue these incoming calls and once one of outgoing line is free, this incoming call can connect to this free one?

I have installed Wombat Dialer to be the same server as Astrisk Server. I have created a Queue in Asterisk but I am not so sure how to add our dongle trunk to become an Queue argent so Asterisk/WombatDialer know whether the mobile dongle is busy or not?


Not sure I understand - do you want that when you dial out, if there are no free lines, the call is automatically retried when some lines happen to be free?

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