Setup the a voice prompt for incoming call

I am new, very new to the freePBX system. I am trying to setup a voice message when the incoming call hit to the company phone then it says something like: " Thank you call the copany. Please press 1 for … press 2 for , …"
I try to look for that procedure but I could not get the right one. I need help, please.

Look at the IVR.

Thanks Leap Frog.
As I said “I am very new” I am new to the phone system and new to this forum. Could you please where the IVR in this forum is? Give more detail please.

My name is not “leap frog” and the IVR is the application not part of the forum. I suggest you click on our documentation section and review…

Leap Frog ROTFL…sorry can’t help it…

Tho, checkout