Setup static ip address for centos 5 to use freepbx!

I have install asterisk and freepbx on centos 5 (use on vmware 8). If online then good everything but i want use offline and i don’t know what i do? I wish have everyone would help me!!! if you have opinion, please help.

What good is an offline PBX to you? please explain further. . .

I have deleted your email. We discuss in open in forum.

I realize English is not your primary language however you must try and communicate more clearly.

We will then be happy to help you . . .

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I sympathise, my Droid razr doesn’t even understand proper English.

(see I can’t even say sympathize in Debian/firefox, and I tried so hard to get it to use English-US)

I want to setup static ip address for my system (real machine and virtual machine)! but ping from my pc (real machine) to virtual machine or else then no reply! and use static ip address of virtual machine to search on firefox then no result!

This is really nothing to do with FreePBX, it is all about networking, you can set a static IP on a VMWAre client using a VMWare bridged network to suit, do that in:-


in the VM. Use NAT if you want but that is harder .

Please understand that before you even think about getting asterisk/FreePBX working, you will NEED to understand all this first, and there are many places to learn that much better than here, where we generally restrict our support to FreePBX on a working system.

Perhaps when you can “ping” all your machines from wherever you need to get to them from, we can help you. This forum is not the place to ask your very basic network questions though.

We hope to see you soon but only after you complete your necessary homework. . . .