Setup SIP Trunks - Issues

New to FreePBX. Have had issues setting up trunks with SIP. Using a SIP provider and most documentation refers to sip.conf file and the file is not listed. I have completed the GUI screens but nothing seems to work. Using Vitelity for the provider. Have two numbers. Any help would be appreciated.

Having issues setting up my phones too but think once the SIP setup is accomplished the rest of the setup should be OK. I have a Grandstream, Aastra and Yealink phone. Softphones work fine on network but have not gotten the regular phones to work yet. Once I get the Trunks working on In and Out then the rest should fall into place.

You put the settings that would go in sip.conf in the trunk.

Google “vitelity and freePBX” many examples.

Make sure you use from-trunk context.