Setup SIM BOX/Bank with vicibox

I need help!
We need to setup a SiM BOX in out country name (COUNTRY–AA)
And the offices that we work are in another Country name (COUNTRY–BB) we have Vicibox and now we use Voip that we paid more.

What we need to do now:
We need to make calls from COUNTRY–BB to COUNTRY–AA with SIM BOX and we will use SIm card with each number. and take calls inbound from each number sim card.
I can not install the SIM BOX to my offices at (COUNTRY–BB) because I can’t find services for sim cards.

My questions is how to implement all because I am new with SIM BOX:
1- SIM BOX connected with ASTERISKNow in COUNTRY–AA, and create a SIP TRUNK from ASTERISKnow with my VICIBOX in COUNTRY–BB or,
2- Connect SIM BOX directly from (COUNTRY–AA) with PublicIP to my VICIBOX in COUNTRY–BB.

Sorry if I am not clear with the written.

It would be easier to just register the sim box to your vicibox but you have to take some security measures. If you just port forward all the needed ports then you will problems later from hacking attempts. The best solution is a vpn between the two offices and then use the device as a local gsm gateway.

Thank you ASTBOX
Can you help with any information with what SIM box to use

Well there are plenty of companies, Dinstar, OpenVox, GoIP, Portech. Browse their sites for more information.