Setup ring dependant on incomming number dialled

HI all,

I have some business numbers that are linked to my sipgate number. Is it possible to have the phone ring a certain way dependant on what number they called? i.e. they called number 1 and ring tone 1 rings, called number 2 and ringtone 2 rings?


Yes, this is possible.

ok… next obvious question is how?

Indeed it is, but you didn’t ask and it is Friday so I was trying to stay in scope.

Anyway, depending on what kind of phones you have the alert-info field allows you to change the ringer. If you have a mix of brands of phones you are out of luck.

Either in the inbound route or the ring group (I don’t recall which one) is a field called alert-info. This field needs to contain the exact string the phone is expecting to change the ringer.

Does that make sense?

In addition to alert-info as noted by SkykingOH, there are other ways to show a user which department or company is being called, so he can answer appropriately.

Look at the Set CallerID module. This allows you to modify what name and/or number is shown on the extension. For example, if you answer both sales and customer service calls, your phone could show e.g. Sales: Joe Caller, or Serv: Joe Caller, according to which number he dialed, or which option he chose in the IVR.

If your IP phones support more than one “line”, you could set up two extensions for a user, one for each business whose calls he is answering. The blinking line button will show how to answer, and you can also configure the phone to ring differently for each line.