Setup Paging in FreePBX

Hello everyone,

I am trying to setup my VOIP phone system for paging. We have an Amplifier and speaker system in place in the building already and want to connect it to our phone system so that we can pick up any phone and page someone over the speakers. I have a linksys voice gateway (Model SPA3102) acting as a bridge between the amp/speakers and the VOIP system. My question is what do I have to setup in FreePBX to get this working? Any info would be appreciated, Thanks


If you have it working through the gateway already, and it uses the fxs port, you should be able to program the ata to auto answer. Otherwise, you may want to provide a few more details of what is required to get it going and someone should be able to help you work out what is needed.

Hi all,

I am still battling this paging system setup. I replaced the Linksys SPA3102 with a VOIP paging Gateway by Cyber Data that is supposed to be designed for my purpose.

So now my setup is the Cyber Data paging gateway connected to my TOA 9120s Amplifier and TOA SS9001 speaker system on one end and then connected to my VOIP phone system on the other end. I am using FreePBX. I created an extention in Free PBX so that when dialed you can page through the speakers.

I have everything configured but still cannot seem to get it working. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of setup or even possibly point me in the right direction to where i can get some support for this. Thanks very much


So you setup your Cyberdata as a SIP extension and you added this SIP extension to a paging group in FreePBX?
Which part does not work - you don’t hear anything coming out of the Cyberdata unit, you cannot dial that extension.

Which Cyberdata unit did you get?
Have you tried hooking up cheap PC speakers to the cyberdata to confirm operation.
If I recall correctly, you can get the Cyberdata to “speak” its IP address - does this work and can you hear it through the speakers?

I have setup and tested a similar system using the Cyberdata and it works fine.


I modified an AASTRA 9133i to bring the speaker audio (through an 8 ohm to 600 matching transformer) to a terminal strip. This was connected to the input of the existing Viking paging amp. Works perfectly.

The mod took about 15 minutes and the transformer, available from Radio Shack and about the size of a thumbnail, fits neatly inside the phone.


Hello everyone, thanks for your replys.

It turned out to be a DTMF issue within the configuration of our Aastra 9133i phones. As soon as i removed the check mark from the SIP setting ‘Force RFC2833 Out-of-Band DTMF’ and set DTMF method to ‘Both’, everything worked fine and i was able to page successfully,



All of the SNOM phones have a high impedance audio output that can work for this purpose. You will still need to use the matching transformer.

Even the $50 SNOM 220’s on eBay have this feature.