Setup home PBX from existing PSTN line

Hi to all, and thankyou for this forum.
I would like to setup a simple PBX at home from my current pstn line. I have a read a few reviews and tutorials; however I want to be sure that I have understood them correctly.
If I use a Rasp.Pi with asterisk and a linksys 3102 voice gateway; are these enough for me to setup what I need?
Basically I have three normal cordless phones (one in each floor) and I would like to have the facility to receive incoming calls from my current pstn landline and have the facility to for example redirect a current call to one of the other phones.

Will the above devices be enough to help me out?
Thanks for any help…

You will need some IP SIP service. Our SIP Station is a great choice.

The 3102 is a nice small device that goes perfect with the PI.

I would get at least 1 IP phone. The have so many features. You can get great deals on eBay for top brands such as Polycom, Aastra, Cisco etc.

Thanks for your help.