Setup Grandstream GXW4501 as PRI gateway SIP trunk to FreePBX

I have tried setting up the GXW4501 as close to how I have a Vega 100g setup.

Telco PRI comes into my building. Connects to gateway via T1 port.
Gateway connects to my FreePBX as a registered SIP trunk via LAN/WAN port.

On the Vega, it works - the gateway registers as a SIP connection with username/password.

On the GXW4501, it shows as ‘anonymous’ registration in the FreePBX/Asterisk logs.

I was hoping someone who uses the GXW4501 in a similar situation could share their setup.

With default FreePBX settings (pjsip has port 5060 as Port to Listen On, chan_sip has port 5160 as Bind Port), you should set Hostname/IP in the GXW to

Possibly, using two trunks registering from the same IP address and port is confusing chan_sip. Why do you have more than one trunk?

Why are you using chan_sip?

I’m using two trunks the same as the Vega, and it works with the vega. The reason is to distinguish inbound vs outbound in FreePBX. I didn’t think the port was the issue, since the GXW is trying to ‘register’, but FreePBX is showing ‘anonymous’ instead of the usernames.

Also, chan_sip, because that is how my Vega is working.

At the Asterisk command prompt, type
sip set debug on
and also (in case the registration is somehow getting to pjsip)
pjsip set logger on
make the GXW attempt to register, paste the relevant section of the Asterisk log (including SIP traces and other entries) at and post the link here.

@Stewart1 thank you so much, I got it to successfully register. It was the pjsip vs sip .

I didn’t realize it, because in the management interface of the GXW4501 - it doesn’t mention pjsip, but on sip. When it is actually using pjsip :roll_eyes:

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