Setup FreePBX

Hi All,

I am new to FreePBX and do not have much command on Linux based OS.

I have managed to install FreePBX and connected to our ISDN phone line.

Here is my configuration.

Panasonic phone system with telecom provider and we want to have a back up in case telecom service has any maintenance.

I have Sangoma A101 card with linux box connected to existing Panasonic PABX system before and recently Linux box dead and we are not sure how it was configure so i have installed FreePBX on new system and installed Sangoma card and installed the drivers as per instruction and i have few question on setting up SIP.

Linux Bbox:
FreePBX Stable version 1.812
Two network cards: 1 Internal network to access web interface 1 external to connect to Dedicated internet public IP.
1 Sangoma A101 card which is going to connect to existing phone system.

Can you please give me some procedure to setup internal network and external network details on two network card.

Internal Ex:
Gatewat: 192.168.x.x

Externak Ex:

Configuring external SIP in FreePBX system.

Please help me with above setup to get it running.

NOTE: we will be using this system only to make out going calls through Panasonic PABX route to VOIP when a system maintenance on telecom end.


Here is a link to the page in the documentation:

Thank you and i am looking for more replies from other people who has similar setup.