Setup for Analog Fax w/ SIP Trunk (t.38 supported)

Hi All,

I want to experiment with connecting an analog fax machine with my Asterisk system. I’m using FlowRouter as my SIP trunk provider and they proudly support T.38.

Here’s the setup as I understand it, would someone please verify?

  1. Order any standard ATA adapter (would someone please recommend one?)
  2. Configure the ATA (if that even needs to be done, I assume so)
  3. Create a new extension for the fax machine in Asterisk
  4. Install the Fax for Free module from Asterisk
  5. Configure a new inbound route & DID just for faxing (I prefer this over auto-detection)
  6. Point new inbound route to new fax extension
  7. Somewhere enable T.38 Pass-through?

Am I on the right track?

You don’t need to complicate too much with Fax for Free, Asterisk does t38 passthrough from FlowRoute to your t38 configured ata just fine.

Thanks! So would you say the rest of the steps I provided are correct, just remove Fax for Free?

Don’t remove it if it’s working, it just isn’t necessary. The rest looks pretty fine.