Setup emergency number service

hi all,

I want to setup an emergency number like in case of fire incident or any other incident in my company, when someone dial say *911 or any specified number and it rings allocated numbers and the numbers who pickup the phone they are connected to the conference and they can talk to each other to discuss the issue or solution for incident.

Cool. Go for it.

You can actually use “911” for that if you want.

it is imminently doable and has been discussed in this forum many times in the past. Let us know when you have a problem.

Please see this add-on module, it should do what you are looking for:

its not related to police or this type of emergency. It is not compulsory we setup 911, this can be any number just for alerting office admin persons or IT persons in case of any fire incident or IT Server room incident etc.

not interested in any kind of commercial module. need to develop my own solution.
if any idea related to this, really appreciable. It can be asterisk code as well.

I don’t care.

If you want to control access to 911, this is an excellent first step.

Set it up to use the 911 dial code. This rings in your receptionist, Help Desk, and “Fire Department Dude”.

Next, set up an outbound route that calls 911 if the Caller ID is one of the “N” people you want to be able to call “911”.

From there, set it up so that the call actually goes to the real 911 if there’s a delay or the call doesn’t get answered in time.

This is a really good idea - it’s going to take some work to get it going, but I have faith in you.

thanks and that is also a good idea. can you please give me some little example of this, I am really thankful to you.

any update on this.

does anyone has any solution.

We gave you a solution. Paging Pro does this and it can be setup for any number that you want a page to go off for. It doesnt have to be just 911. Its done per outbound route so each outbound route could call a different page group or the same one.

In paging pro can we put all the extensions or numbers into conference so that they can talk to eachother.

Hi Tony,

I have checked the paging pro but it only limits to the extension only and I need this for Mobile numbers.

That’s an easy one - add a Miscellaneous Destination and set the output to your cell number. After that, create a virtual extension and make the destination of the extension your destination.

I add mobile number in the misc destination and set the extension destination if no answer to misc destination but calls are not receiving on mobile number.

Did you trouble shoot it? Everything you need to know to figure out why it’s not working is available in the
/var/log/asterisk/full file.

hey I sort out a solution and the solution for which I am looking is n-way calling and bridging.

do you know anything related to that.
can we do this in Freepbx?