Setup Cisco CP -7940 with EndPoint Manager Module

Hi Guys,

I am new to the Endpoint Manager Module. I just bought it.

I have freepbx 14 installed with commercial EPM. I want to setup the cisco 7940.

I can’t see it’s firmware in firmware management.

how can I setup 7940 with tftp using Endpoint Manager.

Guys anyone there to help :slight_smile:

If the firmware isn’t available, you can install your custom firmware.

See wiki

how ?

But Why EPM is showing that 79xx is tested.

If it was tested then why they don’t have the firmware in the module.

The firmware for the 79xx are not supposed to be publicly available, maybe that is the reason why.

Technically, you have to have a Cisco Support License to have any firmware except the one that’s loaded on the phone. Knowing Cisco, that statement might even be too broad - they’re pretty touchy about people redistributing their stuff. Having said that, however, without a license, you can download firmware versions from several sources, just not from Cisco.


you are always helping.

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