Setup Advice?

Considering starting from scratch for a small office. Current install is quite old, modules outdated, phones outdated, etc. All firewalled off carefully. No access to any of the admin or ucp except from a single ip so I feel like it’s reasonably safe… anyway, time to move on.

Looking at Sangoma p325 phones (just purchased one) for phone apps such as visual voicemail.

The question is what is the best way to configure extensions & voicemails. It’s a small office w/ 3 employees.


  • 1 primary to an IVR
  • 1 direct to the boss

Person 1 (The Boss/Doctor) - Usually does not answer main line, calls back messages. Does have a direct line that mostly goes to her voicemail. I had a queue setup so she can occasionally have calls go to her phone when others are out. But mostly she’s with patients so she lets things go to voicemail anyway. (Was setup as 7001)

Person 2 (receptionist) - Primary person to answer the main DID or collect the voicemails off of it. Works from office or home depending on day of week. Has a phone at each location. Needs to be able to disable home phone after hours, manually is fine. (Was setup for extension 7000 (office), 7002 (home)).

Person 3 (billing) - Covers for receptionst when they are out. Needs to be able to pickup calls on the main line (extension 7003).

Primary DID goes to an IVR → queue → voicemail for 7000.

Everyone dials the voicemail number for 7000 to check the main messages.

  • Can the visual voicemail on the Sangoma (p325) phones see multiple voicemail boxes?

  • Is the queue and two extensions for person 2 the best method for someone with flex office schedule?


1.The P325 visual voicemail is supported for only one (main) account. If you want to see/listen to multiple extension voicemails, use the UCP.

2.Yes. The queue will be the best option for person 2. The user can log out or pause after office hours to stop receiving calls.

Thank you! I guess if the phone supports one main account, I could share the extension with the primary office voicemail to all the phones as that main account. And put a secondary extension that we can control the inbound ringing.

Going to have to think about this and try multiple options.