Settings won't stick

I need urgent help here!

The most recent update to FreePBX has caused settings not to “Stick”.

For example when I try to untick “Disable Follow-Me” and click Save and then Apply Settings, it just ticks itself again and I can’t use the follow me feature.

This has only occurred since the last update. I am really getting a bit frustrated because these faulty updates keep coming out and wrecking my system. I don’t know how to reverse them.

You must be frustrated because you did not tell us what version you started with, what version you updated to, how the system was installed (distro or manual), what browser you are using etc.

I can assure you that both 2.9 and 2.10 as of yesterday do not have this issue with Chrome or Firefox.

The system is a VPS using the OVZ Purple Template from PIAF.

The updates were not specific to “Follow-Me” through the “Module Admin” but they were for my current version 2.10 - just some updates that I get an automated email about from the system.

I am using Firefox and every time I try and untick the Follow me option in an extension’s follow me page and click save and then “Apply” the changes it just re-ticks to disable!! calls now just go straight to voicemail.

I just updated a system and can confirm that you have found a bug in the latest release candidate.

I suggest you file a bug report on this issue (look under our quick nav bar for report feature/bug).

Keep in mind that 2.10 is beta software. If you are concerned about stability you should not run beta in a production environment.

Thank you for assisting me there.

I will lodge a bug report. Do you know which update specifically caused this because I downloaded a bunch at one time.

So I know for the future, could you please tell me:

a) Is it possible to downgrade versions somehow (through the GUI)?

b) How do I know if they are beta updates?

c) Don’t you have to upgrade “through” beta updates to get the latest updates? I.e. to go to version 2.11 I would have to install all updates from version 2.10 if I had version 2.9, I couldn’t go from version 2.9 to 2.11 directly… Can you correct me if I am wrong?


Has someone opened a bug report on this. I think it is related to the changes Philippe did yesterday.

To answer your question about beta and release candidates all of 2.10 is in RC. When you updated to 2.10 you updated your whole system to either the Beta or RC. It is not one specific module but the whole FreePBX.

That is why production boxes should wait tell a stable release is out before upgrading major version like to 2.10


can’t seem to reproduce the problem on a completely up-to-date system here.

Tony mentioned he got a system to reproduce the behavior so I’ll try to get on his system and see if we can see what combination may have created the problem…



So do you have to upgrade “through” RC versions to get to a stable release as I described above and can I downgrade back to the most stable version through the GUI somehow.


I know this is “off topic” but may I also make a mention that in some releases I find the “Confirm Calls” feature in follow me stops working. Sometimes it works but I have had updates where it ceases working, would this be an issue with the varying quality of DTMF signals from my mobile to the PBX at different times or could this be attributed to a development issue?

When 2.10 comes out of RC into final you will just use module admin to upgrade your modules. No their is not support for downgrading

Question: If 2.10 is beta, why is the download page for the Distro linking to a version that installs 2.10? Perhaps the download page should offer a direct link to the last non-beta version and a separate link, designated as Beta, which links to the 2.10 version.