Setting up TE110p Card with Cisco Router

how, is there any documentation related on how to setup TE110p with cisco router or how to setup a TE110p card, what are the parameters needed. I am using asterisk 11.

Thanks in Advance

Dumb question. If you have a Cisco router, why do you need a TE110P card? Make a SIP connection over IP.

You dont set up the te-110 card through a router. It connects to a digital T1/E1 PRI. The interface uses RJ45 connectors but it is not an ethernet connection.

This is not the same as a SIP connection. Depending on the number of trunks you need, and depending on the reliability and bandwidth of your ethernet connection, SIP trunking might be a better option. Cost? I pay about $600.00 monrh for a PRI and 10.00 per month per block of 100 DIDs. A PRI in the US provides 23 trunks. A single sip trunk will cost you roughly $25.00 per month and $1.00 per month per DID.


Bill the router could also have a telephony T1 interface in it, I think that might be what he meant. Could even be CPE gear for an AT&T Flex circuit.

Didn’t think of that. Perhaps if we knew the model number…

that is correct. Also my router is cisco 3725. Please advise as my router has two e1 card the other e1 card is facing avaya(analog pbx) and the other e1 card is facing my asterisk. can someone point the proper configuration on this. I was able to integrate both the router and asterisk i can call now between the router and asterisk. what is missing now is that i cannot call the first interface(avaya analog) there is no sound on both ends. Though when I call the local on avaya it rings but when the call is pickup no voice on both ends

finally i was able to configure asterisk with te110p with cisco router. I can call now via lease line and i was able to call asterisk via the cisco router. The only problem i have now is that the avaya can call asterisk but no voice. I cannot hear anything on it. But asterisk was able to call avaya with some few tweaks on the dial plan. can anyone help i am using an old Avaya G3SI R11

Hi m4st3rc1p0
How did you config the Router Cisco Controller E1/T1 and associated Serial ? to intercomunicate with the Wildcard TE110P.
Can you share your Cisco Router config ?
This is what I have but it doesn’t work

isdn switch-type primary-net5
network-clock-participate wic 3
controller E1 0/3/0
clock source internal
pri-group timeslots 1-31
linecode hdb3
framing crc4
interface Serial0/3/0:15
no ip address
encapsulation hdlc
isdn switch-type primary-net5
isdn incoming-voice voice
no cdp enable
voice-port 0/3/0:15