Setting up SMS with Flowroute

Google voice is not considered a2p so it doesn’t have the same restrictions.

Google voice is for consumer only. Their TOS strictly state it’s for non business use and consumer only. They qualify for the P2P exemption because of that.

Not true, they do have a business edition. So what you are saying is their business edition would have to register, and no where is it listed about it on google site about registering the business edition with anyone.

@drakus , probably best to listen to those that have made a living by knowing WTF here, are you there yet? if not do you have a competent attorney to steer you through this burgeoning bureaucratic minefield?

Not going to keep arguing. We can wait and see what happens April 1st. All I can tell you is what all SIP providers are being told from Syniverse.

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