Setting up SIP URIs

Hello FreePBX community,

I would like to use sip URIs to call externally from my phone system and also receive calls to my own domain. I currently only have soft phones but might be expanding to hardware ones. If any one can tell me how I would go about doing this that would be a great help. I am happy to provide additional information.

Thank You!

To call a SIP URI, create a Virtual Extension with a Dial field of e.g.
SIP/[email protected]

There is a slight security risk in that the callee will see your public IP address and if he’s evil, may probe it for vulnerabilities.

OTOH, receiving SIP URI calls are a far greater risk, because your firewall must allow your system to be accessed from anywhere. Trust me, let someone else have that headache. Get a trunk from a provider who supports receiving SIP URI calls (Callcentric,, Anveo, …) and set it up as a DID on your system. I believe that Callcentric can be completely free for this application; the others require a deposit but can be set up so no monthly or per-minute charges are assessed for SIP URI calls.

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