Setting up Sangoma Connect my experience

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Hello everyone.

I’ve been installing Sangoma Connect and it hasn’t all been easy, so I’d like to share my experience so that others don’t fall into the same traps as me.

First of all, I thought while reading the documentation that Sangoma Connect was an evolution of Zulu 3, wrong!
For example, Zulu 3 uses TCP port 8002 to communicate while Sangoma Connect uses TCP port 5060.

In our datacenter, only UDP port 5060 and TCP 8002 was open (in addition to RTP UDP 10000-20000) so it couldn’t work.

It’s not clear to me if Sangoma Connect uses TLS, I hope so …
It would also be nice if Sangoma Connect supports SRTP.

To debug Sangoma Connect on the server and application side :

My first tests seem very good, the sound quality is top and the application is pleasant to use.

Best regards,

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full technical details here:

TLS/SRTP is coming very soon, we will post an update on the forum when it’s been published.

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Small question, do you plan to have Sangoma connect for Windows as well ??

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