Setting up Multiple routes on one sip trunk


I’m planning to set up different routes for a number of extensions. Is it possible to have multiple outbound routes but using the only one SIP trunk? If yes, how can I go about it.

Absolutely. Do it all the time.

Of course, the real question is “why?”. There aren’t many reasons why you’d want to have specific, separate outbound routes to a single trunk definition. Your underlying issue might be solved easier through a different method - or maybe not. We can probably help you figure out a simple way to make whatever you are trying to do happen.

I need to be able to restrict access to certain dial patterns for some extensions, for example, extensions where access to IDD and premium numbers must be blocked.
I’m thinking of using the Extension Routing module that requires using different Outbound Routes. However all calls need to use the same trunk.

Hey Kev,
You would set all that sort of stuff in Outbound Routes.

Filtering by extension and or destination and pointing them to a trunk that goes nowhere.

Just set up a dummy Trunk with no connection info and calls pointed towards this will fail.

There may be a better way to pass the call back to an announcement, never tried.

But for sure you do not need multiple trunks
apart from one extra to work as your black hole.