Setting up MOH to redirect to internal extension that is streaming audio

I have an interesting question that I would love to see a solution to. It feels simple but it may just not be possible.

I have a FreePBX 0100 version 15.0.37.

I have an analog telephone device that constantly streams weather information. It is connected to a digital/analog converter that is attached to my PBX and is recognized and can be dialed as an extension directly and is confirmed working. There used to be a device or application that periodically recorded the information on that stream and then replaced the MOH .wav file in the system and that was what was playing to the system but I don’t know what device or application was doing that and where the MOH .wav file is stored in order to even attempt to duplicate that setup but there is another option. I need to know if it’s possible to accomplish one of two possible scenarios when a call is placed on hold.

  1. Can I set that extension to “play/dial” when placing a person on hold through maybe the custom application section in the MOH settings? what would i have to type in there to accomplish this?

  2. Is it possible to insert a message in the hold music that I would use there that directed a user to press a number to be directed to that weather information (although this would probably best be accomplished with an auto attendant saying to dial a number to be redirected to that extension but I’m curious if that is possible).

Thank you in advance!

Theoretically possible, you would just need to override the FreePBX contexts with custom dialplan. I am not going to write the dialplan for you, others might, there is also a jobs section in this forum. You can also read up on asterisk and do it yourself. This is not what you asked, but a more straightforward and less custom approach might be to use the custom function in MOH to stream weather information into hold music.

Music on Hold User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

You could look at a streaming weather service, or you could setup a private stream with the service you are already using and stream that. That would save you alot of time in not having to recreate hold music.

  1. There is the concept of a breakout IVR that interrupts hold music to play a message with DTMF press off options, but that is for Queues specifically. But to do it everywhere (you apply the MOH to), you would go back to making something custom.

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