Setting up IVR and queue in asterisk (FreePBX)

I have setup asterisk.Now i want two things

1.make an IVR
2.setup a queue.

In the queue there will be a group of extensions.when ever a call comes in, it will enter the queue and hit the IVR and after pressing 0 the call will land to the agent in the queue.

I would appreciate if anyone could guide me through the exact steps.

go too

choose the release you are on. It will give you a list of modules to choose from. I have downloaded it onto my desktop. Go to module admin in your browser where you connect to the server ie ie is my server address. Then upload them and process it. Very easy but took me a bit of time to find also.

Can you make it a bit more simple.I cant understand it.

Salmaan -

Do you have the IVR and Queue modules loaded.

If not go to module admin and install them.

Yes, i have these two modules loaded in the freepbx web interface.
Kindly guide me through…