Setting Up Google Voice

Is there a straight forward way to set up a way to have freepbx use google voice to make calls. Everything I have searched is old and I feel might be outdated. I am new to freepbx so I am not sure how comfortable I am with the command line.
Let me know.
Thank You.

I would recommend NOT using google voice as a trunk. That said and as always without any form of endorsement, the most straightforward way is to use @billsimon 's gateway service.

Google: “sip google voice gateway” it should be the first result.

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Or you can use one of the other services out there that are experienced with supporting SIP calls. Bill’s is good, but in a free market, you desrve to figure out some of this for yourself.

I like VoipInnovations, as long as you’re willing to use Chan-SIP for your external trunks.

There are plenty of good, inexpensive commercial VOIP providers. GV, while seeming like a really cool way to get something for nothing is just fraught with all sorts of weird problems, not to mention the fact that their Terms of Service pretty much specifically preclude us using it.

The Google Voice/Chan Motif is working for me. I’m pretty sure I would not want to use google voice as my only trunk, but as a second line when my main one is busy, it is nice to have.

You will need to be sure that your google voice number is not used in any other way, or you will not be able to receive calls.

I was also trying to set this up. Now one thing I noticed @hyegeek you mentioned make sure its not used in any other way. How can I make sure I have nothing setup for it? Also I’ve heard that Google is removing there xmpp service and this is no longer going to work. Is this true?

The way I made sure that nothing else was using it was to create a new number and not use it anywhere else.

As far as what is happening/going to happen to xmpp, I have heard the same thing, but I’ve heard some conflicting accounts of what is actually being turned off. So at this point, I’m just waiting to see what break when before I try to deal with it.

Thanks @hyegeek for that. I also am seeing the conflicting information. I’m still trying to just get this to work at all and I can’t seem to for some reason. I have no tried a new number though. I’m going to do this to see if that helps.