Setting Up FreePBX with FixedLine Telephone

Hi guys, I am trying to set up FreePBX for the first time in my office but I am not sure what do I need to do for the correct configuration. I have the elements which appear in the below picture, these are:


  • Internet + phone line from provider (RJ-11 terminal)


  • FreePBX PC with 4 Ethernet Network cards


  • 24 ports switch
  • 3 rooms with 1×IP Phone + 1×PC for each.


I already configured extensions for each IP Phone successfully(they are able to do internal call between them). Now I need each IP phone to be able to utilize the provided external telephone line.

I believe that I need to put some device in the dotted line marked with “???” in the above picture. Can you kindly guide me what that device is called, from where I can purchase it (ebay link if possibl)? And What is the extra configuration do I need to set in my FreePBX machine in order let the IP Phones able to receive/send call by the external telephone line?

Your help would highly be appreciated.

You need an ATA with an FXO port (google FXO ATA) I have not used any of these so I can’t make a recommendation.


An FXO card (or card with FXO module).

Thanks for your helpful reply, is the following device fit:

Two things…

  1. I wouldn’t buy ebay for something like this, you’re taking a chance of a bad board.
  2. Try or for Grandstream ATAs… they’re cheap and I’ve never had a real problem with them

You can also now purchase Grandstream products within the Schmooze FreePBX Portal, so you get the hardware you need, and support the project at the same time.

I connect PSTN line (RJ11) to ATA d-link DVG-2102S and from the WAN Ethernet port(RJ45) to the freepbx server and from the freepbx server (RJ45) to the switch , Is this the right way or I should connect the ATA to the the switch direct. And what is the correct configuration for the ATA. Kindly help me I am new on voip and freepbx.
I’ll be highly appreciate If any one could give direct help.