Setting up Freepbx from minimal install

After installing the “Minimal Automated SangomaOS 7 Install”, what packages should be installed via yum to get the complete FreePBX solution up and running?

Is there a list or, maybe, some way of getting the package list from full version installer?

Thanks a lot!

I guess this did the trick:

yum install -y @base @core asterisk-sounds-core-en-ulaw asterisk-sounds-core-en-wideband asterisk-sounds-core-en_GB-ulaw asterisk-sounds-core-es-ulaw asterisk-sounds-core-fr-ulaw asterisk-sounds-core-it-ulaw asterisk-sounds-core-ja-ulaw asterisk16 asterisk16-addons asterisk16-addons-bluetooth asterisk16-addons-core asterisk16-addons-mysql asterisk16-addons-ooh323 asterisk16-core asterisk16-curl asterisk16-dahdi asterisk16-doc asterisk16-flite asterisk16-g729 asterisk16-odbc asterisk16-ogg asterisk16-resample asterisk16-voicemail chrony deltarpm freepbx15 ghostscript kexec-tools kmod-cciss kmod-forcedeth kmod-via-rhine kmod-via-velocity open-vm-tools sangoma-pbx sangoma-release sngrep system-config-keyboard

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