Setting up Analogue Lines

Hi All

Im new to Asterisk so please be patient… :slight_smile:

I have setup AsteriskNow on my box (with freepbx), and have installed a Wildcard TDM410 4-port analog card with the daughter card.

I have 4x analogue lines coming into the card (daughter card) on the asterisk server.

Everyone in the company are using soft phones (Zioper) installed on there pc’s with a headset.

Currently a call comes in, and it rings on everyones pc’s (ring group) and it can be answered etc… but if its made on that primary line, then the line is busy for the duration of the call…

What i need to do is as follows:

Out of the 4 analogue lines coming in, i need to define an analogue primary line. If any call comes in via that primary line, it needs to be handed over to any of the other 3 analogue lines and then it can be routed to a ring group.

Outgoing needs to go out via the other 3 analogue lines and not the primary line.

How do i define the analogue primary line and how do i configure it to hand over any call on it to the other 3 analogue lines ?


You need to contact your analog provider and have them put those lines in a hunt group… meaning if the first line is busy, it will roll over to the next line.

If im not mistaken Asterisk is supposed to have this functionality as well ?

Yes, you can modify your dial plan and do all kinds of cool stuff with FreePBX… however if your carrier is not rolling the call to the next line, it’s still going to ring busy to people calling in.
You should read the DAHDi, inbound route, outbound route, and Trunk documentation in the wiki if you have not already. In your trunk settings you can control how your outbound calls are placed. Typically you will have your outbound calls starting with your highest trunk, and your inbound calls coming in on your lowest trunk, this is outlined in the documentation.