Setting up a Shared Line

I’m using cisco spa504 phone. How do i setup a shared line. I currently have multiple phone registered to the same incoming number. works great…

I would like to have; say you get a incoming call. Phone A takes the call on line 1… Now I’d like to set it up so at phone B’s line 1 says active / in use, and if phone B pick up the line both A and B are on line. or / then A can hang up, B stays on line

What you are describing is a Shared Extension. Take a look at
You might be able to implement it manually. As far as I know, it is not a feature already included with FreePBX so you will need to perform some manual configurations.

Thanks, That’ll Give me a start. It looks like for CO only. Well don’t sound too hard to implement.

Oh, but it is because of the way that PBX works.

You’re thinking that everything is still “on lines”, which is a dangerous mental image for the system. Asterisk, and FreePBX specifically, is a back to back user agent. That means that Asterisk is always one of the backstops for anything that happens in the system.

For example, a call comes in. It gets answered by Asterisk, which then decides what it’s going to do with the call. In your example, a second call is established to your extension and the two calls (the original and the new one) are bridged together.

Adding a second call to this mess isn’t hard, but making it work like it did in the days of copper lines isn’t that simple any more.

There are a few ways to do this. The simplest is to use the ‘chanspy’ functionality, which will probably get you close to what you’re looking for. There are options, etc. that are going to need to be set, but it’s a reasonable way to simulate the “line 1”/“line 2” processes from the past.

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