Setting up a phone system for an 145 room hotel

Hello, I would like anyone’s expert opinion on an upcoming project I have

I have a customer (145 room hotel & 10-12 employee extensions) who wants to replace their phone system and bring the overall cost down. Since all of the guest rooms have analog phones it’s going to be a bit tricky to convert from their old alcatel system to a freepbx. I want to convert all the analog lines that are currently terminated to a 66 block into 66 block outputting amphenol cable connections and connect them into sangoma vega gateways (i’m thinking the vega 3050G would work). I want to go with everything related to sangoma & freepbx entirely for the project. I need to get an idea of the hardware & trunking service options I will need to make this work. here are the hardware & SIP service option I have in mind. please advice if this is what I actually need

  1. FreePBX Phone System 300
  2. 3 units of Sangoma Vega 3050G gateway units for guest room phone connectivity
  3. 10-12 units of Sangoma S300 phones for employees
  4. an sipstation powered by sangoma account or sip service from flowroute

here are my other questions:

  1. should I use a sip service account from some company or should have a SIP trunk service provided through our internet service provider separately and connected to a SIP trunk card or something (i’m not sure how to set this up really) which is easier and cost effective

  2. how would I go about physically connecting the amphenol cables to the gateway units (are there any specific cabling/adapters I should consider) & will I be able to configure the gateway and make it work so that guests can make inbound/outbound calls ( the guest rooms phones do not need to have DID)

any help/ideas would be appreciated. I’m sorry if I am not describing any of this in a smart or understanding manner. I’m quite new to phone systems. thank you

I would contact Sangoma sales so they can tell you exactly what you need and help plan for your configuration. :slight_smile:

Hi Jehan,

Thank you for your inquiry to FreePBX!

I have gone ahead and sent you a direct email to communicate further about this project.


Jen Dean-Inman
Account Manager - North America Direct Sales