Setting up a device/extension

Hello all,

We have in our office a phone system administered FreePBX

Unfortunately, the people who have installed it or maintained it are no longer with the company, and I have been tasked with general office IT… including this system.

Our setup is mostly IP phones which are setup to use a specific extension. However, we have a FAX machine which is connected to “actual phone line” (I guess this is called an Analog phone line).

I am trying to figure out how to get the fax connected as a specific extension, and would love some basic assistance.

When I connect the fax and try to dial, the call does show up in the call logs of FreePBX as such:

Channel: SIP/
Source EMPTY
Dst 6824 is the IP address of our FreePBX server, and 6824 is the internal extension I dialed.

Is there any way to use the information above to get this “channel” added as a specific extension?