Setting up a conference bride through existing PBX

I currently have a Siemens Realitis DX PBX, which I am trying to integrate a TE122 one span card switched to E1. I am trying to build a conference bridge in which members of my organisation can dial into a free number on the Realitis PBX both locally and internationally to conduct conferencing free of charge from any phone in my organisation. This conference bridge will have a pin access for restricted users. I have already connected the PC with the TE122 card to the Realitis PBX through the Network card, and also connected the PC to our LAN, so I an access the PC from any terminal in my organisation. I am running the FREE PBX software for its user friendliness. I have activated the networks card which will provide me with 30 B channels and 1 Delta channel. Thats as far as I’ve got, and now I’m stuck as to what to do next. I think the next move would most likey be to configure the trunks on the Asterisk card. Any ideas or suggestions?

Sorry about the delay as I was away for a few weeks. Anyway I am using DAHDi Config 2.7.0 00, Cent OS, Free PBX,

Since we have no idea how you installed FreePBX nobody can help at this point?

What OS, Asterisk version, DAHDI or Zaptel drivers?

Have you read the install guide from Digium for the card?

After you configure your TDM122 drivers you need to put the card in the ‘from-zaptel’ context in your driver config files.

You will then be able to use inbound routes in FreePBX to route calls to the conference bridge.

You may also want to look into WebMeetme 3.0 an extensive conference portal for Asterisk that can live with FreePBX on the same Asterisk box.