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Hello! Is there setting in Endpoint Manager I can set so users have to push “answer” to take a call after they pick up the handset?

A lot of times our clients end up in the same parking slots because the slot button is pushed as the handset is being picked up (putting the incoming call into the same parking slot).

Edit (in case the question is not clear) - Can I (and how do I) set these phones up to NOT answer when the handset it picked up? – Can I set these up to function more like a cell phone - where the user has to actually push a button to answer?

Thank you for looking at this!


Still haven’t heard a response, so trying to keep this open.

Would this be in the “Call Pickup” section of the phone features of the web UI of the phone?

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I’ve never seen this request before, and don’t know the answer. But there are thousands of settings in the S phone config, one might be what you want. I suggest you open a phone ticket with this question.

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To wrap around on this:

No, the Call Pickup feature is there to allow you to pick up a ringing extension in your ring group, which is set in the Extension setup in the server.

The closest I’ve ever seen to this is the speakerphone/headset call answer feature. Not answering the call when you pick up the handset is so counter-intuitive that I just can’t imagine your customer/users putting up with that for more than a few seconds.

Now, if you are using headsets (or speaker), then the buttons to enable those devices would do what you are asking. You could probably jury-rig something using the headset feature, then pick up the handset to simulate this, but it seems clunky at best.

Perhaps we’re asking the wrong question. What actual problem are you trying to solve?


Thank you. I will pursue this if we continue to have training trouble.


What actual problem are you trying to solve?

Users pick up the handset to talk to someone in parking. An incoming call is inadvertently answered instead and before they realize what has happened, both calls are in the parking space (where they can talk to each other). I would like to have the user do something after picking up the handset to tell the phone what the intent is.
Thank you for your advice. I will stay tuned!


My memory is that with an Aastra , we would set or unset “Pickup Ringing line” to resolve that problem, We have no more Aastras but possibly your phones have a similar attribute to set (or unset)

I don’t believe there is anything in Asterisk that would be able to do that for any SIP registration.


Thank you, dicko, for your response. I will look for an option like that.

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My memory from Aastra is the feature is called “switch focus to rining line”, but discussion about features from other manuf’s will not correspond in any way to Sangoma S phone.


Thank you for participating. It looks like I’m out of luck on this one. I’ll keep training.


I know nothing about these phones, but on those with which I’m familiar (Yealink, Grandstream, Polycom), if you push the parking lot button (without lifting the handset), it will pick up the parked call (on speaker), even if the phone is ringing. You can then lift the handset to talk privately.

Have you tried this?

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